Yuzu, Spitalfields

I have found my new favourite place. Ok, well my new favourite Asian place (Luca I still love you). Yuzu off Bishopsgate, down the cutest little lane is it. So unassuming from the outside, you could miss it and walk right by, but don’t. It brings a glamour to this bit of Bishopsgate/Spitalfields which is hugely missing. Walk nearby and there is no end of chain type venues. Although, that said, there is lush little cheapo thai across the way that I have been too and enjoyed too. But wait, sushi is where it’s at and this place really knows how to represent. They make everything fresh and because it is such a small and intimate venue, you get to chat to the chefs as they roll, parcel up, fry and steam.
I went in for a review on a Tuesday, then went back on Wednesday. Yes it sounds like that Craig David song, but this is a love affair which i don’t see ending unless a Cote or the like comes and snaps up the lease. Please stay Yuzu, because we love you.
So, the interior has a low lit, industrial, with a New York feel to it. I don’t know what actually explains the term of New York, but I guess when you are in there it just feels like it isn’t in London and if you have been to New York, then you know what I mean.
The team are small, cool and on it. They work the tiny room looking after in-the-know, affluent and word-of-mouth guests. I don’t want it to become mainstream because of this reason. We do not want the too-cool-for-school Shoreditchians and Hoxtonians taking up space because its the latest fad. We want authentic lovers of this gorgeous offering to show up in their droves so there is no space.
To eat, there was octopus ceviche, the most succulent and delicate roasted quail I have ever tasted and seared seabream withh truffle oil. There was on-the-spot freshly made prawn and vegetable gyozo and a platter of sushi, expertly rolled and prepared in front of us. Broken down, the sushi platter had salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, yellow fin tuna nigiri and salmon & avocado maki. Words cannot describe how awesome this food was/is, so I will let my actions speak for itself. I went back the following day. I repeated a lot of what I had but added a gorgeous aubergine in a miso glaze and crunchy asparagus to the mix. As if that was not enough, I threatened to go there a third time, but they were not open on a Saturday (sad face).

I love Yuzu. I think I said it before but what makes it work aside from the amazing food is the chefs with personality and presence, the slick staff (very trim against the number of guests) and a lovely dry Italian white wine which I cannot recall the name of.

I will be back again. It is a given for my sushi fix. And of course, beyond that there are some other non-sushi amazing dishes to discover. I will well and truly know that menu inside out before the years out.
7a Artillery Passage
London E1 7LJ


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