Wright Brothers, Spitalfields

For a dining treat, Spitalfields has always represented for me. Androuet, Blixen and La Pietra are a few which has tickled my taste buds. Living and working nearby, it is inevitable that I will have a wander around the market and cater to my food craving by having a snack here. The Wright Brothers was on my list. I follow their instagram feed and love the tantalising food shots and bags of personality their posts have. In fact, I think that more and more, instagram is influencing my decision on where to dine. It isn’t always easy or cost effective to book a photographer to boost your website gallery, so instagram helps cut corners in a visual, up to date and effective way. Shots that you took last year still on your food gallery pales in comparison to a quick snap on your smartphone of the special of the day on your instagram feed. I urge restaurateurs to really embrace this way of marketing.


Anyway, back to the review. Wright Brothers in Spitalfields is filled with an older, smart serious crowd. It is just important that you know if you have a beard, skinny jeans and are a little more Shoreditch than city. That said, it doesn’t really make a difference, as the focus here is the food. We tried it for lunch and although we had not made a reservation, we were squeezed in. One thing I must note is that it was busy, but the waitress, whilst serving a table and acknowledging another guest practically snapping their fingers for attention, nodded our way to let us know she would be with us in a sec. That kind of juggling of roles, reminds me of old school service, when the front of house team really saw this industry as a career route, as opposed to gap fillers/travelling jobs. It puts you at ease and off the bat, let’s you know you are in good hands.

Once we were seated with menus, we asked about a couple of dishes and she proceeded to blow our minds further by knowing exactly what was in the dish, how it was prepped and presented. We were sold. It was literally a breath of fresh air. I seldom talk about service in restaurants unless it is particularly bad, as most of the time it is just passable and not worth a mention. This was the bar for all future places I go to, to surpass. I am not holding my breath.


We went for the express lunch menu which is value for money with 2 courses for £21.00 or 3 courses for £25.00. The portion sizes are not rations, you are actually left full up.

For starters I had ortiz achovies, with shaved winter beets and chives. Sam (not me or the one who lives in Essex), had graceburn feta, pomelo and cashew nut salad. The speciality here is seafood, but I just wanted to quickly add that they do steak so meat lovers are not left out. For main course, it was a hefty shrimp filled burger with chips and chipotle mayo for Sam and a morel mushroom & rich wild garlic mushroom tagliatelle. Yes, it rocked. We were well chuffed with our decision to come here as the food was outstanding. During the meal, the service continued to be attentive and on point. Genuine smiles and intention to assist.

I highly recommend visiting this one or any of the other locations. They have definitely got things Wright, oops sorry, right!

Wright Brothers
Old Spitalfields Marketing
8a Lamb Street
London E1 6EA
T. 020 7377 8706

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