Wondering Wine Co, Old Street – Vino fun with a side of cheese

The Wondering Wine Company landed at Old Street station back in October. What a delight to find this little gem at this  intense commuting station. You don’t have to pop in here to wet your appetite before the commute home, you can simply use it as a destination spot for many reasons. Firstly, I love the décor. Very simply with earthy tones. The walls are mostly made of up wine, whether stacked or on shelves. They pride themselves on offering quality wine and they certainly do. Settle down to enjoy a glass or bottle, or take one away. I would recommend that you stay and absorb the chilled vibe.

As if wine was not enough, there is cheese. Oh yes, with charcuterie and a selection of pastries too. But let’s linger on the cheese a little longer. Such a gorgeous aroma of it greets when you walk in. Toasted cheesy sandwiches are on offer here, or you can have cheese and a selection of meats. There are some pastries for those with a sweet tooth too. They also tick the sustainability box with eco friendly glassware.

The staff are lovely with happy smiling faces. Even the customers are sweet with them being happy for me to take shots of them, unfortunately not all are included here. It certainly feels like you have just dropped by a mates place to have a glass of wine with some cheese.

I hope Wondering Wine Company makes this it’s new home as its a welcome breath of fresh air in the area. Follow them on twitter to find out where they will be popping up at festivals etc. If you are an event planner with a decent budget, they can be hired to attend your event.

The Wondering Wine Company
Old Street Station


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