White men can jerk!

So there is this little boozer called Star of Bethnal Green which is on Bethnal Green Road, amongst a mecca of interesting places. Loads of food markets, shops which sell saris and then the odd high street recognisable place like Nandos.

The Star of Bethnal Green is a good bar for good grooves and a low key night out. But what was also offered was some ethnic flavour in its food. Enter White Man Can’t Jerk. This pop-up outsourced kitchen camp delivered a little menu of your fave carib dishes tailored to the universal tongue. Let’s not get it twisted, this is no Mango Rooms (the place to have the best carib food), but, this still represented. We enjoyed their temporary stay here with the likes of jerk chicken, goat curry etc.


Keep an eye out for these folks and follow them wherever they go, because its worth it! I had a fried chicken burger and my regular dining companion Valentina had a jerk chicken burger. Both were suitably spicy and tasty. With side of fries and coleslaw; we were happy bunnies.

It was simplistic food, with no fuss.

We really really look forward to where they will next “pop up”, as I was gutted that I did not put the faith in as a carib national and have the goat curry. I suspect it would have been lush.

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