Wahaca, Covent Garden

Being in the theatre district is exciting. You have booked your tickets to a musical or play and the anticipation builds up. Normally, between the time of finishing work and catching the curtain raise, you have a small spot of time to grab some food. In Covent Garden, there is plenty of choice.

Tostadas with guacamole, black bean and corn salsa, topped
with ancho chilli oil and feta

Wahaca, has always been a favourite of my bestie, so we planned to meet there. Whilst my last experience on Upper Street was a really poor one, I braved a return visit to the brand.

Taco of flash grilled skirt steak with chipotle and tomatilo salsa,
topped with crisp grilled cheese

Whilst for the most part, I am still a firm believer that most high street roll out chains lose their authenticity, attention to detail and high standard of food, Wahaca only marginally refutes my belief. The food was good, but not amazing. (Main picture is Taquito filled poached chicken seasoned with lime and black pepper, topped with lancashire cheese and chipotle sauce).  The service was strange with a waiter calling my lady all of the time. He was also so highly strung I thought he was about to break into song and do some high kicks. After a long day at an office which I did not enjoy, I was not really in the mood.

Crispy prawn taco with chilli, spring onion, coriander, served with guacamole, tomato salsa
and chipotle mayo and black bean with rice and cheese

Things looked up once I saw my bestie, as she always puts a smile in my face. We ordered some food and catch up on the latest gossip. Our various small plates were nice enough and were washed down with a nice a chilled glass. of wine. Wahaca is not a no-go on my list, I am just convinced there is better Mexican food out there and aside from for convenience, there is are just better eating options available.

66 Chandos Place
London WC2N 4EG



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