Village East, Bermondsey

Head south over London Bridge and most veer to the right where there is the established borough market and restaurant presence. In fact, the only reason to go left is if you are a local and have the down low on what’s happening of your pockets are full of cash to visit the Shard and it’s exuberant offerings.

My regular visits to the area has left me craving the new. So on another discovery trip in Bermondsey and beyond, we discovered Village East. The venue itself is very contemporary in it’s style with a touch of industrialism. Leather bound booths with natural wood tables are dotted around the area. The combination of two buildings which make up Village East (one a listed warehouse and the other a glass shell of an apartment), serves a trendy creative crowd in an up and coming area welcoming an influx of the cool.

On the Saturday evening we visited it was suitably busy with clientele who would fit firmly on the Bumble app – professional, trendy and cute. The staff are equally cool, with a laid back, but not cold service style. You get what you need from them without them being constantly in your face.

From a price point of view, the dishes are moderately priced and the food is quite wholesome and practical. Nothing too out of the ordinary – something for the regular palate. For our starters, we went for a chopped salad with chicken and chilli squid. For main courses, I had stuffed chicken supreme with gournay cheese, sweet potato puree, shaved heritage carrots and red wine just, cod with roasted potatoes on barley in a creamy sauce.

The food was good. I think the whole experience added to it’s appeal from the cool patronage and team working the room. What I will say is a huge plus, is that they are dog friendly if you sit to the front by the windows which is really cool.

Village East
171 Bermondsey Street
London SE1


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