The VIP Lounge at the O2, Greenwich

Having visited the O2 for the second time in two weekends, I was delighted that on each occasion we had a box and got to hang out in the arena’s VIP Lounge. It was a away from the fast food booths, crowds and lack of relaxation area. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t always be so lucky to be spoilt this way but I certainly enjoyed it while I could.

The VIP Lounge is on the ground floor of the arena and occupies a vast space with high ceilings. There is a very industrial and unfinished feel about it which if not full of people, can feel cold and unwelcoming. A bar along one end, a kitchen pass along the other and a central bar serves guests in booths, at tables and chairs, and in a restaurant. On my second visit, a Sunday, we dined in the restaurant.


We settled at a table which sat 8, but we were 4. We ordered from a menu designed as a record (vinyl), which was cool. Not a whole lot of choices, but we finally decided on our order. After waiting 10 minutes, the waitress returned to tell us that the 4 chickens we ordered would not happen, as there were only two portions left. Now it is not rocket science for your Head Chef or kitchen brigade to keep you informed of the 86 items. Very disapointing. We were all looking forward to the chicken :(. Anyway, the two who placed their chicken orders first were the lucky ladies and the other two went for burgers instead.

I am glad I was one of the first, as when my chicken arrived and I took my first bite, I was chuffed. Very tender and tasty. A little pink which may put some people off, but it wasn’t a problem for me. It was on a bed of wild mushroom…..with a side ramekin full of wild mushroom. Not sure what that was about, but as a fungi fiend, I was in heaven. There was also some crunchy asparagus and a sweet coulis of sorts.


My two dining companions who had the burger were intrigued by the fact that it was square. Yep, a square burger. Served well done, they seems to be happy with this and appeared to find it tasty. It came with fries and a mini side salad.

As a venue to eat, it is marginally better than the offering from the fast food joints above in the arena. My suggestion is that perhaps you dine outside before going into the arena as there are so many options to choose from. Gaucho, 5 Guys and Nandos spring to mind.

The VIP Lounge
The O2
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX


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