The Stable, Whitechapel

When you think of Whitechapel, it does not feel like a match to the nearby cool Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Spitalfields. Think again, as tucked away on the High Street behind a bus stop and bike lane is The Stable. It’s a cute joint with high ceilings and exposed brick work. A rustic and wholesome vibe is the setting here and this extends to the food. Pizza and pie, what more do you want to fill your belly. How about over 80 different ciders?┬áThe Stable is ‘bringing it’ and aggressively putting Whitechapel on the cool map. 80 ciders, now that packs a punch. It is certainly a way to define you from everywhere else locally.

The welcome is chilled but on the ball. The interior is comfy. I have always been a fan of low beer garden style tables as I am not shy and don’t mind sharing. The mix of locals and the odd creative office type provides a great seated neighbour.

The drinks list is simple and whilst populated with cider, it still offers a good selection of wines and other tipples. Although if you like apples, you are in the right place. Choices vary from dry, medium to sweet. Sounds like you are talking about a wine list, but any cider connoisseur will tell you the difference is noticeable. Cider makes me think of Summer; many a day spent in Shoreditch Park or London Fields, chilled cider and snacks, people watching and frisbee throwing, oh the memories.

You may think the food has its work cut out for it with such a strong drinks offer, but it delivers. As I said, Pizza and Pies are what is up for grabs here. Although they may be carb heavy, never fear, there are sumptuous salads too. For the pizzas, don’t expect to see the run of the mill options from your local pizza delivery place or pizza restaurant on the high street for that matter, these folk like to shake things up. The Stable have curated a menu that plays on interesting ingredients, in particular, focusing on great British produce such as West Country crab meat, mackerel from Newton Abbot and pork loin from Dorset.

We started with a taste of five ciders as it would have been rude not to. They have a rotating list of suggestions that they offer. I think it is a brilliant idea for those who have not tried Cider or are not convinced it’s one one. Magners is really not a benchmark for cider and I strongly recommend you come here to learn just what this fruit has to offer.

For our food, it was pizza time. You would have thought I had overdosed on this as I had done a lot of pizza visits of late, but this was a must. How often do you go somewhere and find unique pizza toppings. I opted for the Coppa Cabana which had the gorgeous toppings of Dorset coppa, pancetta, tomato, mozzarella, peppery rocket and Dijon dressing, yes Dijon dressing. My homeboy Chris had the King Crabber, which as hey were out of crab, they swapped in some big ass king prawns seasoned in red chilli, garlic and lemon. Tomato, roasted peppers, basil, mozzarella added to the toppings – finished with creme fraiche, YES creme fraiche. Literally, bravo for the bold choices on ingredients. I guess at this point I should say they were lush.

There are other things that make The Stable the spot in Whitechapel as they also have live music. Beyond the front area that you can see from the street, there is a whole other area at the back where there is an open kitchen. Go. Discover. I am totes coming back for some live music action and to try another non-norm pizza. Thank you Stable.

The Stable
16 – 18 Whitechapel Road
E1 1EW
@_TheStable (twitter)


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