The Six Bells, Lymington – a Sunday Roast to eclipse all others

JD Wetherspoons pubs are not the kind of places I tend to frequent. In major city centres, they are normally overrun with testosterone driven drinking yob types, swearing at the footie and leering at the womenfolk. Maybe this is an unfair generalisation, but wait, I have something positive to say too. On Sundays, they do a pukka Sunday Roast, or at least they used to.

Mothering Sunday was the serving of the last Sunday Roast, ever, as they had taken the decision to drop this from their menu for the foreseeable future. There are better Sunday Roasts you may say, I agree to a certain extent but on Sunday when I went to the Six Bells in Lymington, I literally could not fault it AND it eclipsed every roast I had ever had out in a restaurant or bar previously. That is a bold statement for something that is no longer available (sad face), however, I will still take you through this experience in the hope that one day it may return.


I opted for the chicken which was a half succulent chicken, roasted, tender white meat, skin crispy. This came with lush roast potatoes which I drowned in gravy, a giant Yorkshire pudding, carrots, swede and cauliflower cheese. There were even two mini sausages hidden in the Yorkshire pudding. Now although I 100% enjoyed mine, my partner who opted for the lamb, felt his could have been a little less well done as he felt it tasted slightly chewy. Obviously everyone’s taste differs, but again, he loved the crispy roast potatoes and all of the trimmings that came with. His rating was nearer a 75%.


I don’t do desserts normally, but as I was elated at having had this lush Sunday Roast, I took the leap and had their crispy caramel cheesecake and he had the rather girly-like ice cream sundae. Both were good. The whole thing was cheap as chips, £7 for a roast including a drink. Brilliant Bargain!

It is such a shame they have removed the roasts from their menu. I am sure Toby Carvery and Harvester jumped for joy when they heard this news but customers nationwide, are not so chuffed. Looking through some of the tweets and facebook comments, there are some very unhappy people out there craving their JDW Roast!

The Six Bells
47 – 48 St Thomas Street
SO41 9ND
T. 01590 689 990
Twitter @jdwtweet
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