The Silk Room, Newcastle

So The Silk Room comes across as the go-to place. Very extravagant with its drapes and chandeliers. I was going to Newcastle with a local, so I wanted to find a place that was new for both her and me. This place came up in my google search for best spots to dine in. The fact that a picture of a lobster cane up helped with the decision making.

It was a Friday evening. We had booked a table for 8.30pm, so kinda expected it to be quite busy. It wasn’t which is forgiveable. The restaurant itself is in a quiet part of town away from the centre and near (but not near enough) to the quay. There was minimal activity nearby. I guess this contributed to the morgue like vibe in the venue. There were a couple of tables in the place including a coked up couple next to us, but there was still a vibe or soul missing from thr place.

We were on a mission to have a great time regardless so we piled on some champagne and I ordered my favourite dish, Lobster. Now lobster is at its tastiest grilled with garlic buttet, but here I believed that steamed it. Tasteless meat and a icky white residue consumed my tray-come-plate. There was also a huge amount water remaining intact to the lobster which made for a messier than usual dining experience. Basically, it wasn’t good. I would like to say that dining companion had a better dining experience. Her lamb shank did not hit the spot.

I am curious to understand why the food would come under any form of search claiming best place to eat. Don’t get me wrong, the staff were lovely, even the environment was okay, it just felt like the food was overrated and over priced. I have had better lamb shank in a gastro pub and lobster at Burger & Lobster.

Not a great opening introduction to Newcastle, but luckily the rest of the night proved a success with some great bar hopping and the most friendly people you will ever meet. I love Newcastle. I did not love this food.

The Silk Room
Trinity Gardens
Newcastle upon tyne


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