The Raj, Epping – bringing Brick Lane authenticity to Essex

For New Year’s Eve I was delighted to try my very first Indian dining experience in London. Having checked out many cuisines on my regular visits to see my bestie, this obligatory Indian had not entered our agenda as yet. On the High Street in Epping is the Raj. Staffed by a lovely team of friendly guys who makes it a fun must-do place. 

Living in East London, I have the benefit of being near Brick Lane which is the Indian cuisine mecca of the East and pretty much most of central London. I love a good curry, so I am spoilt for choice. Now my dreams have been opened, as in my favourite neck of the woods in Epping, I now have the place to OD on cumin, coriander and tumeric.

The style of the restaurant is as you would expect, similar to most Indian restaurants but a little less blaring with colour, shapes and kitsch. The diners are locals, a mixture of friends and family. For NYE we booked and they were offering a £30 all you can eat option which meant you just went for it. Whilst it was not quite possible to eat your allocation in food (felt like the size of a house), I can understand there being a slight premium as it was New Years Eve after all.

I will be totally honest and say we went a little mad with the ordering and I didn’t take note of every single dish. I can tell you there was a mixed grill (with chicken, lamb and king prawn), a MASSIVE king prawn curry, a lamb chilli curry, potato with spinach, nan (filled with meat and without), along with some other dishes. All were tasty, fresh and filled our bellies. See if you can guess your Indian food knowledge from the pics.

We had a two hour allocation which was just enough time for us to enjoy our experience. Afterwards, we took a nice leisurely walk up the High Street to work off the food. So glad home was not right next door.

Looking forward to a follow up visit in the future, or a takeaway for one of our nights in with tv shows, music and card games! (Very hardcore).

The Raj
75 High Street
CM16 4BA
T. 01992 572 193


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