The Oliver Conquest, Aldgate East

Cosy, is the perfect word for this pub. An intimate little space with an emphasis on Gin. Rows of gin greet you at the bar, for those who have a soft spot for this juniper delight.


Gin has come a long way from its original medicinal use to a key ingredient of a night out drinking. Gin is versatile, have it straight (if you have game), with a mixer or as part of a range of great classic cocktails. So it makes sense to give it a home all to itself.


The Oliver Conquest is just the spot to try it. A great selection, knowledgeable staff and a speakeasy style setting. We loved the big bowl wine glasses they served the gin in. It was a treat settling into leather sofas, low tables, dimmed lighting and the light buzz of chatter.

Never fear, gin is not all they do – they have wine, beer and a solid bar food menu to soak up the alcohol with dishes like macaroni cheese.

Slip in, chill out and enjoy.

The Oliver Conquest
70 Leman Street
London E1 8EU
07725 647082


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