The Lord Stanley, Camden

Local pubs are the one and although this one is not so local to me, it’s near a dear friend. The other draws are that they do awesome food and have comedy upstairs. So its a good spot for an evening of entertainment before you head on home.

For our night at the pub it was chilled with locals, lights low, warm and cosy. Being winter, you need a comfy place. The menu is packed with a good mixture of meat and fish, grilled or with pasta/risotto – quite a well-rounded menu not following any particular theme. They also do pizzas which looked great coming past us. For our fix we both went for the pasta with wild mushroom, butter, parmesan and monkey nuts. It was very tasty for such a simplistic dish.

In terms of pricing, it is reasonable enough, but you are in the posher part of Camden (Amy Winehouse lived in the square around the corner). If you do take a walk around the area you will see the 3 floor houses with high ceilings, bay windows, massive gardens essentially dripping in high value property worth.

I have been to the pub again since and had the pizza which was just ok. Was a bit miffed that they didn’t have chilli oil – I mean come on, that is a staple condiment of a pizza offer. I would likely stick to the main a la carte menu as this is where the Chefs skills excel.

The Lord Stanley
51 Camden Park Road


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