The Lodge Hotel, Putney

Sometimes it is good to have a staycation. I guess this could mean just being at home, but for me it means venturing close enough to home, but for away enough for it to be considered a holiday/vacation. The UK is full of great locations to visit, even better still, right here in my good ole London town has some cool spots. To be fair, on my recent visit to Putney, I could have worked through the long ass commute back to the other side of London to my east London pad, but life is short, I deserve to be treated, so I booked myself into a cute Putney hotel.
The plan was to hang out in Richmond and the Putney area for the weekend. I had been to the North of the river part previously to review The Real Indian, but it was all still very alien to me and this part was certainly not inspiring me to return, aside¬†from the great Indian food of course. Coming back to the area, I headed to the Southern part of Putney over the river and it was really interesting to see a very buzzing area with a lot of brands on the highs street that you are familiar with. Byron, GBK, Nandos, Bill’s, H&M etc are all present and accounted for.

The hotel is a little bit further up Upper Richmond Road, so not right next to all of the hustle and bustle of the high street, its bars and restaurants. It is in a little residential area, and in my opinion, perfectly located. You can retire away to this oasis of calm after discovering what nearby has to offer without a drag of a commute. It’s not even that far from Richmond with a 15 minute cab journey, or two buses which stop right outside the hotel.
This hotel is set in a controlled parking area in case you drive. Restrictions are all week and includes Saturday up to 6.30pm, that said, if you continue a little bit more south, there are no restrictions over the weekend. There is parking outside of the hotel but this is first come, first served. As we are in London, it is always important to understand the parking as you can lumbered with a hefty parting penalty.
The team at the hotel are all very friendly and professional. The standard of cleanliness is perfect, so shout out to the housekeeper. The little bar is great for an aperitif before you head out. It is not open that late, so don’t expect to come in after a night out and drink until the early hours. The restaurant, Hide and Seed was noticeably quiet during my stay. It is however, always a struggle to maintain a restaurant within a hotel. Even central London hoteliers will tell you that balancing rooms and F&B is a task. Rooms will always provide the bulk of the revenue, unless you want to invest the big bucks in the shape of named Chef or outsource to a brand with a huge following and punch. I ate at the restaurant and the less said about that better. For the bar, go for simple drinks, as our old fashioneds were not like any old fashioneds I have ever tasted.
I stayed in two different rooms types, as I had booked each night stay separately. As they had a full house, they were not able to give me the same room type for the second night. My first night was spent in the older rooms, which to me were not old at all. Comfortable, subtly decorated and practically designed. I am not a maintenance guest so really need the basics, a good bed, ability to control the room temperature, a clean room/bathroom and some quiet. One should be out and about, not spending all of their time in the room.

The second night, I stayed in a room in the newer wing. It was very large and was those less able bodied with great facilities for a wheelchair etc. Potentially wasted on me, but a large room with a view of a makeshift back garden area. I didn’t manage to get a shot of the first room I stayed in.

Prices are probably a little more steep than I would expect from a hotel a bit off the beaten track with no proximity to anything particularly outstanding. But it looked like it was popular for wedding parties. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay. Only one gripe is the wine that was waiting in my room was just on side at room temperature. It may be a nice touch to put in the fridge and leave a little tend card saying that it is in there….white wine just ain’t good warm. I am returning, because I kind of like the area and it will be essentially be my home from home as I will be down this side of town a lot. I would like to say a big thanks to the Italian male receptionist on reception who was great. Very personable and professional.

The Lodge Hotel
52 – 54 Upper Richmond Road
SW15 2RN


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