The Latymer, Hammersmith

Hammersmith is like the other side of the earth to me. As a bordering East end lass there needs to be a pretty compelling reason to commute over there for an evening. Recently, we had a kicker of a reason with Postmodern Jukebox dropping by London on its global tour. A trip to Hammersmith Apollo to see this talented bunch was on the cards, so din dins in the area would have to be on the agenda too.

My dining companion, Sam Vanilla, had worked in the area so suggested a pub which served good thai. I was game so we headef on over to The Latymet, a Fullers pub.

L’Oreal and Virgin offices are nearby as well as many office blocks, so an after work crowd filled out on to the street. It was the first time it was marginally warm after all. Inside, groups of office folk celebrating the pending weekend downed pints and sipped wine. It’a decent size pub and brightly lit. To the rear is a seperate area, not closed off, but clearly the thai restaurant area. Sam vanilla recalled it being a popular spot for food and one of her fave thai places.

We settled down at our corner table and as she knew what she was having, I briefly scanned the menu for king prawns as that was what i was craving. There it was. Jumbo prawns grilled in their shell. You really can’t go wrong with that. For the first time ever I also had a side of egg fried rice. Both dishes were lovely, but what it needed was some form of sauce as it was quite a dry choice, my bad. That said, I still loved it. The big, meaty and succulent prawns were just what the doctor ordered. The rice was delicate with not too much egginess inside. My friend went for the Rad Na, which looked like some kind of broth with chicken, noodles, peppers, carrots and cabbage. In fact, it looked really healthy and wholesome. I can imagine it being very filling.

Latymer is a little bit out of the way for me, but if I desire a Thai choice when in the area for whatever area, I would definitely choose this place. It has a really good vibe and it has a bit of everything you need. The pub is busy with a good crowd, there is a little outside area and of course the good thai non nonsense restaurant.

157 Hammersmith Road
London W6 8BS
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