The Ivy name is know for optimum fine dining, a-list celebrity guests and month long waiting lists, so it is an interesting move to take this to the masses. The Ivy Brasserie is not a watered down version of the original, just a little more accessible to those of us not going platinum with our current music album or starring in the latest blockbuster.In a way, it makes you think what is all the fuss about. As a brasserie, it is like many brasseries, with the only thing separating it being its famous sibling.

The site in Liverpool Street is a beautiful space with an outside terrace. A stones throw away from Bishopsgate and you get this bliss. No hoards of commuters and office workers or noise and pollution from traffic. That is ticked box. The service is mechanical, like a well oiled machine. The odd personality flows through, but the focus is living up to the Ivy name and keeping it professional.

The food was good, not mind blowing. Maybe a few things were lost on me, but it was not hugely dissimilar to Cote and a few other grill type places I have been to.

For our lunch, I went for extravagance, starting with asparagus truffle hollandaise, followed by a whole lobster. The asparagus was perfectly al dente, but the sauce was a little too rich for me, as much as I love truffle. The lobster was cooked well with the meat still fluffy, but there just wasn’t enough of it for the price considering Burger & Lobster is just around the corner (cheaper) smashing it. Perhaps you are paying for the brand, the environment, the lifestyle.

My guest had an endive salad with soft goats cheese, caramelized hazelnuts, grapes and herbs. Tasty. For main course was a toasted crab and salmon sandwhich with an egg on top and side of fries. This she enjoyed a great deal.

I loved the tea service with the silverware, very posh and old school. Also the chocolate truffles were gorgeous and a nice touch. This is certainly not the place for the casual diner, it is just too beautiful. The guests all seem well to do or in spoiling yourself/someone mode. That said, as its so close to me and has the lovely terrace, so I will pop by again when I want to up the dining game.

The Ivy City Garden
Dashwood House
69 Old Broad Street

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July 31, 2017