The George & Vulture Pub, Hoxton

I do love me a pub quiz. Having been introduced to one right in manor, my Tuesday nights a mainly booked up. What makes this little night of racking your brains for answers is the food. More and more pubs are representing with their food. No more dodgy freezer finest or microwave meals, its all about getting some fresh grub in your belly.
The George & Vulture totally gets it right. A handful of sourdough pizzas make the cut on the menu on a Tuesday night. Beyond pizza they do other dishes and snacks, but the pizza is what has taken my fancy, so every time I go there I have to have it.

The pizza choices are cured meat, my option of choice with salami Napoli, salami Calabrese, Parma ham and red chilli. Absolutely gorgeous with the obligatory lashings of extra chilli oil. Not for the faint hearted. Other options include one with anchovy, one with butternut squash (veggie), one with goats cheese and the classic margherita.

The pizzas are freshly prepared, you can see the Chefs right there piling on the ingredients to the sour dough base.

I would rather you did not crash my quiz night as we have enough competition as it is, but if you are in the area it would be unfair of me to be so selfish. You gotta have this pizza. You need to have this pizza. Fact.

The George & Vulture
63 Pitfield Street
London N1


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