The Garden Cider Co, Chiddingfold – yummy apple goodness

UK Cider has changed since its birth; alcoholic fermented juices from apples mostly produced in the West Country. It has now taken on a life of its own with new variants and ingredients, produced anywhere and everywhere.

There are several blends on the market harnessing a dedicated audience with the UK clocking the highest consumption rates in the world. Does this mean that we need so many or that some are skimping on quality in order to get a bite of this “apple”? I have tried some in pubs and bars, quite frankly I have not been impressed. Cider is not my go-to drink. Enter The Garden Cider Company. Apparently its craft, premium, ethical and sustainable. What it also is, is god damn tasty.

Ben and Will have got a nice little set up crafting this premium product with locally sourced produce and donated garden apples. The story expands with over 4000 local households bringing their spare garden fruit to this duo, who then in turn share some free cider right back at ’em.

Concepts and stories can sometimes get in the way of the actual product. Not in this case, the attention to detail and big time love shows in the taste. Beer like bottles are home to 3 different flavours. Elderflower Garden Cider, Original Garden Cider and Plum & Ginger Garden Cider are available for retail. They are currently in talks with various London based outlets, so you may get to see it on shelves or served up in a highball over chunky ice cubes. Either way, get your hands on this lot. If it can convert me, then there is hope for other non-cider drinkers.

Each blend is subtle in its flavour, but still packs an alcoholic punch at 5%. My favourite is the Elderflower Garden Cider so bring on the Summer, as all that is missing is the sunshine and a beer garden or roof terrace.

The Garden Cider Company


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