The Fable, Farringdon – a bar stop for bar food

The Fable in Farringdon is big and brashy. It’s part of a group of bar/restaurants conveniently located next to offices full of medium to well done drinkers who love an after work session.

The Fable, over three floors, has good drinks, good food and private event facilities. It does what it says on the labeling and its because of this, you can go there and have a good and unpretentious time.

I popped in for a quick drink and bar food. I’m obsessed with bar food at the moment. It’s easy to miss out on this key ingredient when you go out drinking, which can be a dangerous thing. I’ve been checking out bar food a lot recently and few hit the spot. From dodgy micro-waved mini sausages to spring rolls with raw fillings, I can safely say drink-led establishments seldom put love into their food offering.

This is not the case with The Fable. Firstly, the staff are lovely. Having wanted to sit down for a bit in an extremely busy venue (I’m showing my age lol), they kindly let us babysit a table until its booking time, which was really sweet. Most places will just let empty spaces stay there taunting those standing by. Anyhow, we ordered champagne to celebrate many things from friends getting new jobs, to the arrival of the bank holiday weekend.


We didn’t order a banquet of bar food, but what we did order was good. They have flat breads with different toppings which is a simple and great idea. We ordered the one with British brie, rocket, parma ham, portobello mushrooms and truffle oil. Yum! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, truffle is the man I want to marry (if he was a man). We also ordered a platter with lots of goodness such as baba ganoush, olives, tempura crispy squid, prawn lollipops, grilled veg and sweet potatoes. Whilst the bits and bobs on the platter were not re-writing bar food history they were cooked and presented well.

The Fable bar food rates a 8 on my bar food scale. I look forward to going again to try some of their other delights.

The Fable
52 Holborn Viaduct
Tel. 0845 468 0105

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