The Blues Kitchen, Hoxton – Big and Bold meat heaven

Recently I have discovered that where I work and play are more often than not filled with hidden treasures. You get so wrapped up in the normal and regular, that you often pass great places, and not even know it.

Blues Kitchen in Hoxton is one such place. I work in Shoreditch and live in Hoxton, so there is no shortage of places for me to go. In fact, there are key places which I frequent because i know and like them. A friend had mentioned Blues Kitchen before and I had no idea where it was. Then, one Tuesday evening we were wandering around and had originally chosen Barrio East as a location. Due to it being Christmas, there was an exclusive hire so our plans had to change. I googled the area and Blues Kitchen popped up.

What first hits you about Blues Kitchen is its size. It is quite deceiving from the outside. As you go in and work your way around the central bar, you not only pass a lot of drinking space, there is also a stage and some kind of caravan type private room in the back. Then there is the restaurant on the right hand side, slightly raised so you can people spot in the bar.


Let’s start with the bar first. It is busy. A lot of men in fact. So, it could be good for seeking out Mr Right (or Wrong). I myself, was not in the market for such activity as hunger was clouding my desire to flirt. The lively and lovely hostesses at the front desk advised us that there would be a 45 minute wait as we didn’t have a reservation. We headed to the bar for some drinks to wait and before we downed our first round, we were approached by menfolk. So yes, I can safely say you can pick up here.

We were saved by the bell, when our hostess came to find us (they normally call your mobile, but we had such good banter at the door, how could they forget us :). We were seated at a booth and passed onto to an equally lovely waitress. Is it possible for so many cool folk to work in the same place? I don’t know if we hit them on a good day, but from the door, to the bar, to the restaurant, it was all smiles (genuine not fake).


They have a solid meaty menu and it was a task ordering from the selection as we wanted everything. For our starters Ky ordered what looked like buns packed full with crab meat. For my starter I had pimento padron, as I did not want to fill my belly too much. Andie had spicy chicken wings.


For main I had tender smoked chicken legs and thighs (smoked for two hours) with a side of friends and slaw. Ky had buttermilk marinated crispy fried chicken with fries and sauce. Andie had a burger filled with a patty of ground beef brisket with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. mayo and mustard. All the food was big on portion size, tasted like heaven on the tongue and definitely hit the spot. It’s all grilled and bbq’d to perfection.


It is impossible to fault our dining experience. Everything was on point from the welcome (even Security were nice), to drinks at the bar and then the awesome food. This will be added to, if not replacing some of my favourite options for drinks and dinner in the Hoxton area. Unfortunately either we did not stay late enough or there wasn’t music on the night we visited but for future reference, they do have a live band. Hit up the website to see when they play. I recommend you book for the restaurant and if you have a celebration, reserve one of the booths or tables. This is a great place to party or watch others have fun.
The Blues Kitchen
134 – 146 Curtain Road


T. 020 7729 7216

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