The Anthologist, Bank – Another city gem from the Drake & Morgan crew

Sometimes it helps to know people, especially when you make the last minute decision to grab some food at a spot that you know is always heaving with folk. The Anthologist is one of those places. The bar is pumping and on sunny days, the outside pavement hosts the overflow of city drinkers. My very first dining experience at a D&M venue was not the best, but they have improved in leaps and bounds, and now, not only do they smash it on the bar front, the restaurant side is proving to be a strong contender to. I have seen the food menu evolve and it looks like it has found its comfort zone.


At 6pm in an evening, we wanted food in a place with buzzing vibe. Cue The Anthologist. A quick message to my homegirl Pollie and we were all set. This would be the first time that I had a proper meal here, although I had drank here several times (had bar food). I love the dining room. The open plan kitchen, the cute romantic tables of two on the steps, the close proximity to the bustling bar but still an environment where you can hear your dining companions conversation over your food.

As a D&M follower in Instagram, I have been seeing pics of some awesome food, so I was keen to get stuck in. For starters, we opted for the fitting name of prawn lollipops and scotch eggs. Jade loved the prawns. Not soggy at all as can normally be the case with battered items. My scotch eggs were big and tasty, probably something I would share next time. For main course, I had the lemon chicken with sweet potato and caramelised shallots. Wow, the chicken was moist, succulent and not too lemony. Jade had bangers and mash, with not, two, but three sausages on a bed of mash with red onion gravy. She was a happy bunny. We washed it down with a bottle of Pinot Grigio.


Once we were done with our meal, Pollie convinced us to go for some digestif’s. Not sure if a shot of Bulleit Bourbon and a tankard of Milk & Cookies (bourbon, honey, milk and biscuits) fits the bill, but my Bourbon was as I always expect great, and Jade’s cocktail disappeared within seconds. Jade was chuffed.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is great. The service was spot on and it’s cool watching the Chefs in the kitchen work their magic. Another D&M spot down, many more to go. Fab!

The Anthologist
58 Gresham Street


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