Sibberi, water from a tree

You may roll your eyes or sigh as I write about this product. There has been a huge influx of artisan products covering cider, water, beer etc, where original ingredients are turned on its head in favour of new and improved options. As long as nature plays a part, why should it be a problem. In my book, it ticks the box if its natural, healthy and tastes good. If I can’t enjoy it but its good for me, it’s a losing battle and the items goes firmly back on the shelf.

Enter Sibberi. Having received an email from a chirpy rep with a clear passion for their product, how do you say no. So Bamboo Water, Birch Water and Maple water flowed right in to my office. Having placed the bottles in the fridge to chill, I get on the web to do some research. We all know water is great for various things from being a natural headache remedy to flushing our toxins, so it begs the question, what is Sibberi bringing to the table.

The Waters are from the sap of a tree. The Birch, Maple and Bamboo to be exact. They vary in taste to slight sweetness to hints of forest. I like them. Their health gifts range from being naturally diuretic to supporting healthy bone structure. All in all there is nothing wrong with grabbing yourself a bottle. I guess you could ask, why not drink water? Well water can be boring, so this is an interesting option for your taste buds. They are available at Planet Organic and you can check for your local stockist on their website.


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