La Felix Faure, Nice, France

Nice, a delightful destination in the south of France with links to amazing places such as Antibes, Cannes, Monaco and even so far as Italy. As the main airport covering a wide scale of this hemisphere, it makes sense that when you fly in, you spend one night in this city. For us, we were lucky as it happened to be a musical festival, so everywhere we went there were DJ’s and live music on the streets, in the bars and even in a mcdonalds. At first, we thought that this was the norm, that Nice was indeed a party city with this being how they roll, but it was more to so with it actually being a special occasion. Pumping dance beats while you order your big mac.

On arrival to Nice, we dropped our luggage off at a little hotel we were staying out and went on the prowl for some food. Cafes line the streets, tourist traps scream out at you, local squares have terrace seats for beers and food, basically, there is no shortage of places for you to eat. We walked for a little bit and came across a quiet restaurant with terrace seating. The prices seemed reasonable and they had dishes which we were sure to enjoy.

Samantha went for the moules mariniere. A big pot of mussels in a white wine, garlic, cream and parsley. I decided to cater for my big love of shellfish with chargrilled king prawns on a bed of salad and some vegetables. The food was great, a nice introduction to our south of France food adventure.

The service was great with a friendly waiter showing interest in us being from London. It was such a lovely warm evening, the perfect setting for your holiday. I adore holidays, what makes them even more of a success is when you have good food. Sa Felix Faure delivered that. So if you hop on a plane and this is your stopover or final destination, drop in for a spot of lunch.

SA Le Felix Faure
12 Avenue Felix Faure
Nice 06000


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