Rooftop Smokehouse, Barcelona

One of the two things are true in its name. Smokehouse is the way most of the food is prepared, but there was no sign of any rooftop. Never fear, as this wholesome idea didn’t need dizzying heights or snazzy views to elevate the already excellent dining experience. It started small and domestic at someones home, with a shared love of food and it has now grown into occupying this cute little space in Fabrica Lehmann.
This is all about a major leap of faith (not off a rooftop I might add). A six course tasting menu of smokey goodness – tick. There is a little courtyard off residential streets in Eixample where an eclectic group of businesses from artists to what looked like a mini film studio call their home. There is also some interesting activity that takes place here with live music, markets and talks throughout the year. One space (on the ground floor) is home to Rooftop Smokehouse. On a barmy evening, a group of 20 guests congregated in the yard chatting, waiting for the extravaganza to begin. It started with a glass of bubbly to whet ones appetite, followed by what was essentially the first course, oysters. Fresh, meaty and delicious.
When all of the guests had arrived we were ushered into a dining room of sorts with an open kitchen right next door. Above us you could see the large piping running from the kitchen to the outside, carrying the smoke which had been used to infuse these amazing dishes. The style of dining was awesome. Two big tables, so you sat with other guests you didn’t know and it was perfect for striking up conversations about a shared passion, food. That was why we were all here after all, our love of experimental food.
We got comfortable and poured free flowing white and red wine. Then it was time for the second course, smoked liver pate with gherkin and Swedish vinegar. Now I will just list each course, because my descriptions apply to all of them – delicious, tasty, taste bud tickling and interesting. The third course was smoked mackerel salad with watercress, mustard and cucumber. Up next was smoked salmon, egg, asparagus, samphire and chive. Fifth was octopus and lentils with mint. The last of the food was pork chop smoked, sauerkraut and cumin seeds. The service was excellent with the Chefs doubling up as waiters bringing out the food and talking you through the ingredients. They were keen to answer any questions. This place is high up on my list of must-do’s, if you are in Barcelona.
Dessert was rhubarb, custard and oats. Not one of my faves, but my dining companions absolutely loved it. Once we had all finished eating, it was not a case of let’s get our coat and dash, people stayed on and continued talking. People moved around the room, forming new encounters, drank some more and we even moved on to the hard liquor with a shot of whisky from a favourite distillery which I visited recently in Dublin, Teeling. How the hell did this little boutique brand find its way all the way over to Barcelona!
Rooftop Smokehouse is an interesting supper club. I love the passion for smoked ingredients as it brings something original to Barcelona. I would not say that Barcelona is a foodie haven for me, but with bold pop-ups like this, I can certainly see it getting there.
p.s. They also sell some of their smoked meat from pastrami, mackerel, panceta, bacon to duck breast. Check out their site, it all looks gorgeous. They have a pastrami bar too.

Rooftop Smokehouse
Carrer del Consell de Cent 159


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