Restaurants, Bars and Rooftops, Madrid

During my Madrid travels, there were the good, bad and plain ugly. I did some solo reviews one the ones that deserved a special mention for being great experiences and those that, quite frankly, didn’t completely impress.

Of course, there was no end of eating, so I have much more to share and thought I would give a little round-up so you have a little bit of information to plan your adventure and of course, so you know where to avoid like the plague.
Hotel Urban Rooftop Bar
A hotel (the clue is in the name), but on a quiet part of the main city with a enviable lift which goes up an atrium where you can still see the ground floor lobby and each of the floors. The rooftop itself has outside seating and iternal seating, albeit with a glass ceiling. So although weather-proofed, you can still enjoy the skyline and stars at night. There is a little pool and relaxation area, both of which are a little bit weird being right next to drinkers who can peer over while you are in your itty bitty bikini.

Anyway, the bar area itself has a good amount of seating but the bar prep area is small. Although that is the case, the guys expertly create drinks and mostly gin cocktails/mixers. They have a great selection of gins in fact. Drink are expensive, as you would expect from a boutique hotel, but it’s a good stop of point on a bar crawl. I enjoyed my stop.
Cava Baja
Unfortunately one of the poorest excuses for a tapas bar I have come across. Completely capitalizing on tourism or perhaps just bad taste. The food was not good. It’s really¬†busy though which means sluggish service. We had croquettes which were cold inside. Garlic prawns with tiny prawns cooked to death (yes they were already dead, but no bordering on stiff). We also had a salad with tuna, tomato and egg. Interesting ingredients mix and potentially the only thing edible. Tinned tuna, unripe¬†tomato and a hard boiled egg had to fulfill my tummy on a night where I was exhausted from the days activities and wanted to go home. There are one of two options here, realize its no good because it wasn’t, take a leap of faith that they were having a bad day. For a city with so many foodie options, I am going to go for the former. Goodbye.
This one of the bars that envelope a large square with loads of outdoor terrace seating. In an area near the ME Hotel (which has a bar so popular it had a private party and we couldn’t get in), it is one of many bars that surround the square.

Perico isn’t trying to be anything special. It knows it’s gig is to sell loads of booze to the thirsty crowd in the square, so that is what it does. As the seats are busy, we sat indoors by the window. Cute inside, with branded barrels as makeshift high tables, rows of beers and a good selection of wines, I am thinking this does specialist in beers. During our Madrid discovery, we stopped off for an ice cold beer. Nice place, not too expensive and I love that they give sweets as snacks.
Cybele Palace
Overlooking a grande roundabout and via is Cybele Palace, formerly the headquarters for Correos, the Spanish postal and communications service. These days it serves as an art gallery, rental offices space, cultural centre, hub reading area and events space. On it’s top floor with breathtaking views, is a restaurant on one side and a bar on the other. On busy days, queue up, pay your 5 euros (which you can redeem at the bar) and find your spot to take in the sun and the sights from above. The makeup of the building means you need to be savvy on finding a spot which gets the sun, as the shade is obviously not what you want.

I look forward to updating you on some of the places I intend to visit on my next Madrid trip!


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