Pure Indian Cooking, Putney Bridge

Pure Indian Cooking delivers a contemporary, modern and innovative take on Indian cooking and cuisine. A welcoming environment in which to tantalise your taste buds with an eye-catching menu offering a broad variety of dishes at a medium spice level designed to appeal to all tastes. Spacious yet ambient in its restaurant offering; the first thing you notice is the use of colours and textures in their decor. Coupled with the delectable aromas and friendly staff you settle in easily.

The use of different textures is also apparent in the dishes that are prepared in the kitchen. We started with the papad, crudités and chutneys before moving on to a trio of starters including the crispy chilli fried squid, pounded coriander and goat’s cheese samosa served with a trio of tomato, mint and beetroot chutneys and patra chaat. The patra chaat is a revelation; a crispy, multi-textured salad of colocasia leaves with yoghurt, date and tamarind chutney, pomegranate, onion and tomato. It is a real dazzle to the senses and should be ordered just to try something special. The chilli squid is delicious and the generous portion size is appreciated as they are so moreish. The samosas are a mouthwatering feat; crispy pastry and delicious filing served with chutneys that elevate and bind together these flavours.

Moving on to the main course we knew a treat lay ahead; the main courses offered included game meats such as duck and venison. Additionally, there are lamb, chicken, vegetarian and seafood – prawns, crab, halibut and cod – dishes. We indulged (there is no other way to describe it!) in halibut cafreal, – halibut cooked in green masala served with fried potato – managalorean chicken, – succulent pieces of chicken cooked with coconut and byadgi chillies – and lamb sukke – maharastrian style lamb cooked in dry spices which is one of Pure’s more spicy dishes. Accompanied by lasooni palak – creamy spinach with brown garlic and dry fenugreek leaves, steamed rice and the lightest buttery naan. The mangalorean chicken is simply delicious with the softest, juiciest chicken smothered in a perfectly balanced creamy yet rich coconut sauce. The lamb is rich and flavoursome with just the right amount of heat to be a complement to the chicken. The Lasooni palak proved to be some of the creamiest spinach I have ever tried and is definitely worth an order!

Pure Indian Cooking is a fresh take on Indian food that is enticing, interesting and a breath of fresh air. This restaurant, a mere stone’s throw away from Parsons Green’s station offers you a restaurant and a take away option that is a welcome treat for every day of the week.

Pure Indian Cooking
67 Fulham High Street
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