Pizza Express, Curtain Road – Lunchtime bargain

I have never been one to bash chains as they serve a purpose. They are a brand you recognise, they provide familiarity and simplicity if you are unsure of trying something. They also stick to a formula, so you can feel confident that wherever you happen upon one, you will get pretty much the same thing, if it’s your bag.

The reason I am writing about Pizza Express is because there is a deal to be had here. Recently, my colleagues and I decided that we should treat ourselves to a sit down lunch every now and then. Cold sandwiches and eating at your desk can be boring. Obviously, a proper lunch can prove to be a little bit of an assault on your wallet but with the glorious Tastecard, it is not the case. Tastecard is a great discount card which gets you 50% off or 2-4-1 at an array of restaurants around the London and beyond. From Sunday to Thursday, Pizza Express participates, so you can get a decent pizza for a good price. As the service is always quick as well as the delivery of the food, you can pretty much cover it in an hour.

My only gripe about Pizza Express is that most starters are full-on carbs. Not great considering the main staple of their main courses is Pizza (carbs). I long for a simple salad of tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive oil or just a simple rocket and shaved parmesan salad. No. Instead we had to opt for the best of the bunch which was dough balls baked with gran milano cheese and garlic bread with mozzarella.


For main course, it was mainly pizza all round. American (pepperoni, mozzarella & tomato) with extra rocket for Laurel. Margherita with ham for Eleanor, Lasagne for Branka and a Romano American Hot (pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato & hot green peppers) for me as I like the a thinner and crispier base. What I will add, is that for my pizza you can choose from hot green peppers, jalapeno or roquito peppers – I was not actually asked for my choice….I would have preferred the roquito peppers.


All said and done, it is a simple case of you know what you are getting here and at every Pizza Express. So, it is not about promoting this as the go-to choice for a truly authentic Italian experience (see Amici Miei for that), but its unquestionable convenience (they are everywhere) and this Tastecard deal (2-4-1), it ticks the boxes when it needs to.

Pizza Express
49 – 51 Curtain Road
Tel. 020 7613 5426
Twitter @pizzaexpress
Instagram @pizzaexpress_uk

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