Novotel, Monte Carlo

The Novotel Monte Carlos was my first ever Accor hotel booking. I don’t have a particularly favourite group of hotels, as I tend to stay in standalone boutique style hotels, or those groups small enough to maintain some individuality across each site. Novotel is certainly uniform (having stayed at another since). They have a roll out style which is evident through the badge wearing staff to the contemporary interiors.

Each one has a few extras of course. The Novotel in Monte Carlo as you would expect being in such a luxurious area had a swimming pool, hamman and decent fitness centre. There was oodles of lounge space for you to chill, a good restaurant with terrace dining and rooms so comfortable and quiet you could sleep like a baby.
We stayed for three nights during out southern French adventure. Now first and foremost, I loved the pool. Like many, I am not hugely confident about my body and in Monte Carlo there are a lot of gorgeous people. This pool was small, not too busy and full of people who were not there to stare at you or compare physique. Quite frankly, no one gave a damn what you looked like which made for a comfortable poolside few hours per day. You would say that I don’t need to tan, and I would agree with you – but I actually do. Sitting in the sun, my main intention is not go darker, but to relax in the beautiful heat.
The bedrooms were spacious, will all the necessary mod cons and which cleverly placed separate toilets. I think this is a good call for couples. The loo was near the entrance, so complete privacy while you have a tinkle. The bathroom also had a separate shower and bath, with shower. Talk about indulgent. The bedrooms certainly spoil you and without having visited many Novotel’s, I would have to assume that this is some form of standard for the well located city hotels.
Then there is the food. The breakfast buffet is to die for. No end of meats, cheeses, breads, and with the hot food, you could literally fry your own egg. Of course, it was not cheap but set you up for a long day. We had lunch one day on the terrace which over looks the swimming pool and I was also blown away by the calibre of food. You can certainly say that the food is not a roll out one fit all scenario, there are some places which really see its culinary offering as something to be embraced.

For our lunch, I went for the beef carpaccio with finely chopped onions and cornichon. There was so much meat! Definitely something to go for if you are not planning on eating for the rest of the day. Sam Vanilla went for her favourite risotto with wild mushroom and truffle. A very rich fish with whole flakes of truffle, lovely but perhaps a bit too plentiful. Helen went for a simple penne in a fresh tomato sauce. Such a simple dish, done properly. Essentially, for a hotel, the food was great. I also had a chance to try some room service and the tuna nicoise was possibly one of the best I have ever tasted. So fresh! Massive portion, gorgeous!
Monte Carlo is not a place I would visit often, or even again. It is not cheap and without the luxury of a yachts to full enjoy the riviera, you are limited to eating, eating, drinking, drinking, because there is not a huge to do. Once you see the few trinkets of tourist places, its a rich persons playground. People go there to be seen and to flaunt their wealth. That said, we did not come across any attitude and we were not made to feel out of place. It is a respectful place. If you should include Monte Carlo as part of your south of France adventure I would recommend that you grab a night or two here.

Novotel Monte Carlo
16 Boulevard Princess Charlotte
Monte Carlo 9800


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