Mooshies, Brick Lane

When I think of Brick Lane, it brings back memories of the smell of curry; Shabby streets, boutique shops and deviating the after work crowds who untidily spill onto the pavements of street corners glugging bear on a Friday night. As a vegetarian beginning to explore what London has to offer, Mooshies came up as a place to go.

John and Nelly

With a shared seating system and prominent graffiti walls, the ambience is relaxed, with tasteful (objective) conscious music. Expect Mooshies to be very busy on a Friday night, they may even be running out of items on the menu.  Despite that it took about 10-15 minutes to be seated. John is a warm and friendly host, with huge smiles from the get-go. I briefly glimpsed a very busy Nelly, I think she lives in the kitchen, whist John and his colleague tend to front of house.

We ordered Pulled Mooshie, What’s Your Beef and Brick Lane Bhaji with some side dishes of Chick P Bites with sweet chilli mayo and cheesy sweet potato fries and a Matcha Brownie. Brick Lane Bhaji was my favourite, the flavours were having a party on my tongue, the ingredients harmonised. The chick p bites with chilli and mayo really got me excited, more so the sauce to be frank!  It’s such a simple, yet tasty combination to dip through, inspiring me to try that at home.  Cheesy sweet potato fries. Vegan cheese…..I am very sceptical about vegan cheese!!!  If I see it on the menu the alarm bells start. Here’s the story…I really love cheese, but I am working through giving it up for a conscious diet.  The truth is that I have drastically cut down and until I discover one, ok I’ll be the optimist, a few, that knock me off my feet I will never eat cheese again!!! The cheese on the sweet potato fries didn’t do the latter. 99% of vegan cheeses that I have eaten tastes so fake and just out right wrong.
To digress on cheese I was recommended the Nutcrafter creamery and bought The Ancient which got the 1% of good vegan cheese.  It’s expensive.  The flavour didn’t justify the price, however I am sure the makers work very hard to achieve a good quality cheese taste and texture.  I haven’t given up on this company and will get my hands on some of their other products.  I’ll share my thoughts on that experience when it happens.

The matcha brownie should have come with a drizzle of some sort on top, Mooshies ran out of that and our mouths were left dry. My Mooshies experience did not create a climax in my experience of vegan dining, however saying that if I am in the area I shall go back to explore the menu further. For London restaurant standards, the toilets really need some sprucing up, nothing major, just some attention. It’s not necessary to elaborate, especially from someone who has been to many a basic toilet situation around India and Morocco. I am proud of the young entrepreneurs who have committed their livelihoods and business to give something back to society in the form of conscious eating, I support their efforts.  All the best Mooshies.

Mooshies Vegan Burger
104 Brick Lane
London E1 6RL


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