I never thought I would find a great sushi place in Barcelona. In the past my trips to Barcelona has included pretty basic local cuisine, I mean why would you go to Spain and not do tapas. But that is not the right mindset. You should eat what you fancy and hope you have made a good choice.

Monster Sushi was just that, good. Great even. Having poured over their instagram feed, my mouth was watering at the thought of getting my gums on those maki. I happened upon this place by my usual research of Culture Trip and ‘best food’ guides for Barcelona. I wasnt even going to go for sushi as there were some pretty top choices on the list but the thought of foie gras on nigiri took my fancy. Strange ingredient you may say, but it worked.

So let’s take it from the top. The place is in Gracia, a well to do hood. It is set over two floors and the open kitchen gives you a glimpse into the sushi making artistry. The menu is full of all of the classics as far as sushi goes, but then some interesting additions to make this sushi place a step above others in town. We ordered a selection which included king salmon, avocado and fish eggs, a classic. Then something special in the form a maki with eel, langoustine, cucumber and avocado. There was some fresh raw tuna and also the nigiri of tuna with crispy sweet foie gras on top – gorgeous.

This was some of the best sushi I had tasted and I was beyond surprised it was all the way in Barcelona. My favourite is still currently Yuzu in London, but without a doubt, I will visit here again when i am in town. The service was friendly and they tried their best to explain what was in Spanish, although a quick google helps you. The pricing was also reasonable. 10 out of 10 for this lovely sushi extravaganza, Barcelona represented!


Monster Sushi
Placa de Gal-la Placidia 25

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August 16, 2017