MOD Pizza, Leicester Square – a US import bringing superfast good pizza to the UK

A day after London traffic chaos took hold, I took the MOD pizza highway and tried a little slice of California in a rain swept London. Nestled in an avenue off the tourist hot spot of Leicester Square, a quirky concept pizza parlour has flung wide open its doors and beckons you in to a vibrant, colour-pop mural adorned, three storey industrialist space.

Individuality is key here and the staff and the restaurant make a bold statement from the moment you step inside. That sense of choice is passed straight across to you as you decide whether you pick a MOD classic pizza or take the non-conformist route and build your own pizza from the base upwards. MOD invites you to embrace your creativity and rewards you with a delightfully light and crisp pizza minutes later. By the time you reach the counter style toppings bar and you find yourself providing your name which is artistically scrawled on the paper base for your pizza you can sense, see and smell a treat is ahead.

Having debated the classics board – comprising pizzas named for the four sons of the owners; Tristan, Dillion James, Dominic and Jasper, in addition to the Lucy Sunshine, the Calexico (a cacophony of flavours mirroring the merging of California and Mexico) and the Maddy Marie in honour of a young girl who sadly passed away from cancer – you know the very essence of MOD pizza is choice.

You are invited to choose your sauce and toppings in a of burst chatter provided by the ever smiling enthusiastic team. ‘Captain’ Nick is a stand-out here convincing me that white sauce is the only way forward to be paired with classic toppings of bacon, chicken, sweet corn and green peppers. The white sauce was a welcome revelation and I will be trying it again. It’s not all about the unusual and the standard tomato sauce is delicious also. The dips are all worth a try especially the spicy ranch and the fig balsamic.

Collages of kids and adults alike enjoying a slice of MOD pizza adorn the walls reflecting the family collegiate values that run through MOD. The team wear their MOD badges with honour and sport the various colour t-shirts that are as close as the staff come to a uniform. It’s apparent the MOD team are happy to be here and Gratitude not attitude is the name of the game so stop by to enjoy a pizza or two.

MOD Pizza
17 – 18 Irving Street
London WC2H 7AT


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