Medlar, Chelsea

Medlar in Chelsea feels good. It is a fine dining place and you see the mature and well to do crowd who no doubt frequent it navigating their way through what is a delightful menu. As a solo diner, doing research in the area, you can feel that you may be a little bit self conscious sitting anywhere that isn’t casual dining. After all, for such a ‘posh’ place, why would you not have a partner, friends or family. I can safely say that not only does this place make you fee comfortable dining alone, it is also devoid of any airs and graces to make you feel you are not worthy. For the gorgeous food and stellar service, everyone is welcome, if you can afford it of course.

Their lunch menu is prix fixe with three courses at £35, two courses at £30 and one course at £25. The prices clearly show that it is more value for money to do more than just the one dish. I went for the value for money and started with a sweet corn veloute with boneless chicken wings, ras el haout oil and aged comte gougeres. Basically it was like a cross between soup and gazpacho. The chicken wing meat was so tender and it worked really well in the dish. You could not immediately see it was in there, but as you dip you spoon in you get to fully experience the hidden goods.

For my main course I had squash ravioli with king oyster mushrooms, cavolo nero, ricotta, fresh walnuts and a sage beure noisette. Delicious! I love wild mushrooms to the moon and back; it is highly like that it will feature in most of my food choices if it is available.

The service in this place is slick. The decor is understated luxury. The guests keep themselves to themselves as they on their champagne. It is not what you would expect from the outside looking in, it is very inclusive.

438 King’s Road
London SW10 0LJ


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