I want to love it, I really do, but….

Ok, let’s take it back a bit. My Italian bestie has moved sarf, yep, she abandoned the perfectly good and accessible Bethnal Green to move across the river. To be fair, with a new born baby, I cannot be mad at her and having visited the area for the second time, I dig the chilled, village feel of the area. It is great for a new mum and even quite attractive to someone looking for a new location to move to.

Anyway, back to Mediterranea. It’s a local, with friendly Italians who speak to her like she is an old friend. The food is supposed to be traditional Italian and very good. We started with Aperol Spritz, the first time I have ever had it. On this gorgeous sunny day, where we were sitting by the window with sun pouring in, it seemed fitting. I always thought it would be really bitter, offensively so, but you what I liked it and I could see why it is a good Summer tipple. It certainly is refreshing. Now onto the food. I was not sure about having mains so I opted for two starters. An aubergine tower of some sort with honey and pine nuts. Firstly, I honestly thought it was going to be served hot, it was cold. Ok, but then it tasted kinda raw. I struggled to eat it to be honest.

So, my second choice was a salad tricolore, essentially what would see as a safe choice – the mozzarella was tough and the tomato tasteless. The basil was tasty and fresh though. My friend had the margharita pizza, simple cheese and tomato and swore by the fact that it was one of her favourites. I felt envy as my experience was completely opposite. The best thing about my experience was being introduced to an Aperol Spritz. I think for me, maybe the starters is not the one. Perhaps the Italian perfection lies in the pizza and pasta, but at this point, I am not convinced. I guess I need a little time to elapse before I tackle this place again.

21 Westow Street
London SE19 3RY

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October 8, 2017