Marrakech, Morocco – Winter Sun

Now onto our days and nights out in Marrakech. I will cover Buddha Bar and Comptoir restaurants in individual posts, but there are a few things which are notable during our visit. The area where Comptoir is (our first restaurant visit), is surrounded by some lovely dining spots and is great for going out. Beware! When you come out after your dinner as you are surrounded by little boys whose main intention is to pick pocket if you ignore their requests for cash and worse case scenario cop a feel. Not cool. Especially from an 8 year old who should not even be thinking touching about ladies parts.


During the day we went into the markets, which again for me was a disappointment. Sorry, I don’t want to buy anything there. It’s dusty, there are dodgy male youngsters hanging around with intent staring at you. It was not a comfortable fit and without a H&M, New Look or Top Shop in sight, you can keep your silk stalls, snake charmers and shops selling knock off Man U kits thanks very much. We walked around, I guess because we were in Morocco and it’s what you do. We were hassled and at one point told to f**k off when we ignored the advances of a teenager. Great welcome. I get it, these guys may be used to a certain look for their women (I.e. completely covered up), but we were in no way dressed sexily. As a grown up who is not a size zero, my dress sense was conservative.


Everyone’s experience is different. For our stay, we didn’t do camels, go to the desert etc and that would have been a great addition to the trip I am sure. Our agenda was to relax and we ticked the box on that one. Savoy le Grand hotel provided the setting for lazy mornings and early afternoons by the pool, tanning, chatting and chilling. The warm evenings set the stage for visits to our fave places, Buddha Bar THREE times and the holiday fever of not wanting to go bed was topped off with entertainment in the lobby bar from the bartender who flew the flag all on his own for the hotel’s professionalism.

I am not totally against Marrakech. I will go there again, I just know it will be a holiday resort with everything I need in the hotel or at least a stones throw away. If I do venture out, I know it will be a case of restaurant door to cab door. No stopping, not chatting, no being felt up, pick pocketed, just a hasty ride back the Savoy (Marrakech not London).



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