Luca, Clerkenwell

Luca is part of the award winning Clove Club massive. A newbie to the portfolio and Clerkenwell’s freshest gem. Having not been to the Clove Club, I was unsure what to expect. You hear stories of its formality but on point service. The tasting menu means you are guided through a dining experience which requires a lot of trust. The trust is obviously there seeing as there are no tables left for the booking I just attempted to make. Nevermind, there will be other evenings. For now, i count two visits to Luca in two weeks.

My foodie passion is being fueled big time having rid myself of debt and financial commitments. A wise buy, followed by a timely sale has fattened up my investment for a future purchase, but of course there had to be an ear- marked amount for my one and only vice, food. In the past price has been key (aside from the delightful complimentary invitations. Now I can mix and match the affordable with the special treats. Luca is a treat. Not quite mortgage material, but certainly personal loan territory.

So onto Luca we go following a wee drink at Smiths of Smithfield. A friendly host greets us and asks if we would like to sit in what is like a bistro bit or the restaurant, we opt for the full restaurant experience. The menu is simply laid out with interesting dishes. First off we start with my all time favourite, orange wine. My guest had a glass of champagne.

Our food consisted of, deviled Cornish spider crab bruschetta and roast Orkney scallops, with jerusalem artichoke and nduja as a starter. The gorgeous main courses were ravioli of pumpkin and chestnut with sage emulsion, parmesan and ginger for me. My partner in crime had linguini with clams, garlic, white wine and chilli. The food was so gorgeous, I have visited a second time since. In fact, I will be going again soon. The flair of the excellent service and the draw of the amazing food makes this place firmly the spot where I would spend some serious cash, because it is worth it. For treats, Luca is the one.

88 St John Street
London EC1 4EH


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