Loch Fyne, Portsmouth

Gunwharf Quay is a pretty slick area next to Portsmouth’s coastline. In amongst the ferries, boats and odd naval ship, you have a pretty impressive developement with retail, restaurants and bars. This is a good day out for folk from lunch, to shopping, to drinks and then dinner, all that is missing is a hotel, but there are enough of those in close proximity.

Loch Fyne is on this development, near to the sea. A pretty impressive spot for a chain. Their speciality is seafood and with my ongoing love of lobster, it was set in stone that I would have that. They have an outside terrace which is unfortunately on the wrong side of the harbour with buildings and shade giving you only minimal sunshine in short bursts. Although that was the case, we were blessed with warm weather – a rarity on a bank holiday.

Of course, we opted to sit outside and so began the brief look at the menu as I knew what i wanted. We were told there were only a couple of lobsters left, so my homeboy Adrian and I got our order in quickly, while Stef studied the menu options further.

Whilst their speciality is seafood they have char-grilled chicken salads, burger and steak, so the more carnivore of us are taken care of. Stef stuck with the fish theme and went for the fish and chips option. I had wine, whilst they had beer and we waited for our feast to appear. The terrace itself was full of families and shoppers. The service was great and I take my hat off to the service team who have quite a bit of a walk from the kitchen, through the entrance and up some stairs back to the terrace. Certainly not lacking in cardio. In general, the service was pretty damn good. A relaxed and genuine friendliness.

Our lobsters were served whole baked in garlic butter with a side of French fries and mayo. The fish and chips was cod in a crispy batter with twice cooked chips, very mushy peas and homemade tartare sauce. My lobster was fab, although still not a pip on Sheesh, Pivaz or Burger & Lobster, but still up there. It is such a messy deal eating this stuff as you only get the value for money out of it if you crack every shell and drag out every bit of meat. The fish and chips looked good, but of course I suspect would never be better than a traditional local fish and chip shop. Good effort though.In a very rare show of tummy space, we went for desserts. Of course, as I don’t do sweet, I went for cheese. This was a plate of savoury biscuits, blue cheese, brie and something else, the name escapes me. My companions went for Tiramisu made with coffee, maple syrup and chocolate shavings as well as an apple crumble. All the desserts were decent, in particular I liked the presentation with the tiramisu in a jar and the crumble in a mini pot. The little touches can make all the difference.

As an experience, I enjoyed it, so much so we returned on our final day of the weekend for me to have lobster, it was 12pm, and for companions to have a go at the brunch menu with poached eggs bennedict and bacon on muffins and also poached egg with a chunky piece of avocado on white bread. Delish. Filling. And a peculiar shaped poached egg.

In the famous words of Arnie, I’ll be back.

Loch Fyne
18 Jewry Street
Winchester SO23 8Rz


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