Le Labo

So before I get into talking about the products I had the pleasure of sampling, I wanted to talk about the website. In particular the “About” section. Scroll down a little and you happen upon a black and white image, with two guys standing at the front of a Le Labo store. These are the founders. There is no lengthy CV about the past, just a simple declaration which firmly focuses on the current. They have nothing more to say about themselves, all there is, is Le Labo. Very bold.

This confidence lives in the products. Of course New York, where it hails from, is no wallflower, so its fitting that Le Labo exudes the “air” of a perfume revolution.

The range covers fragrances, body care and candles. For the fragrance, the number in its name indicates how many notes make up its composition. I got my hands on the Santal 33 which was very fitting as my aroma of choice always has to include woody and spicy notes. A requirement so important that I more often than not veer towards men’s cologne.

In Santal 33 there are notes of leather, woodiness, warmness and spiciness. That said, I did not actually have the perfume, I had the shower gel, body cream, hair shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately my hair requires specialist products for black hair, but I was not about to let the other products go to waste. The shower gel is simply define, partnered with the body cream, your cleansing deed is done. Having your boyfriend incessantly sniffing your neck like a man possessed proved the point.

Le Lablo is available in Liberty in London and you can enjoy the aroma of the scented candles if you visit the guest toilets at Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch. They also have a London store on the fashionable Redchurch Street. Prices range from £35 upwards.

Le Labo
61 Redchurch Street
London E2


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