Cafe culture is a thing in Nice. The never-ending outdoor terraces and gardens for eating and drinking are consumed by a crowd who are too hot to go indoors. People watching is on the itinerary, as well as actually ordering a chilled beer or snack.

Le Flore is along a promenade with back to back restaurants. Each have their main building, then a selection of seats in a central paved area. As you walk down some try to entice with you to their place, but its best to shop around. Check out prices, see how many people are eating there and more importantly, check out the food on their plate. You can get a sense of a place if it is frequented by locals or tourists, I would choose a local residents choice any day.
We found a corner venue and popped ourselves on some terrace seats. The waiters weaved through the tables like figure line skaters, expertly balancing glasses on their trays. We needed a chance to sit down and plan our evenings activity, so it was time for chilled glass of white wine and rose (Provence of course). I don’t know why but it always seems like the wine is served more chilled here than in the UK. It could be the warm temperature or the feeling of being on holiday, but it just tastes so much better.

Sal Barca Maurin is a great spot to stop off for a beer or wine, collect your thoughts and then move on through this little coastal city.

Le Flore
9 Cours Saleya
06300 Nice

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July 25, 2017