La Tagliata, Bishopsgate

Down on the right side off Bishopsgate around Artillery Lane are a small selection of cook little pubs and some decent restaurants. There is a great value Thai restaurant, Mudmee, that I have been to as well as one of my favourite sushi joints, Yuzu. On a recent visit with a view to having sushi at Yuzu, our plans were scuppered as Yuzu was closed for a private event. Damn, how rude. I had seen this little Italian joint which looked really appealing from the outside and I guess its close proximity and our growling bellies made it the obvious choice. Also, as I hunt for fresh content for my website, it was good to check out somewhere new.

La Tagliata at first glance looks like it could potential tick all of the boxes. When you first enter, this a warm welcome. People are dotted around the light and airy space. We were sat out in a back room with a sky light – perfect for a private dinner, but there was this overriding aroma which was suspect. I am not sure what it was, it was just intense. What was particularly interesting, is that we could not work out whether we like the smell or not. As is the case with ones nose, we finally got used to the smell and topic of conversation moved to the food.

We both opted for a start of mini bread topped with buffalo mozzarella, San Saniele ham and lashings of truffle. We basically copied each other because out deep love of a bit of truffle. It was lush aside from the bread which felt a bit stale. We ate everything else and left the bed pieces…For main course Elea went for the gnocchi with fresh asparagus, roasted pistachio, spicy gorgonzola (a favourite of mine) and fresh cream. As a dish, it was something that I would certainly consider even though I am not a big fan of gnocchi but I pretty much dug every other ingredient that was on there. Needless to say, my jealousy properly set in when she said that it was lovely.

What further fueled my jealousy fire was when I received my main course of Gamberi alla Daviolo. Essentially massive spicy king prawns in a tomato lobster sauce. No on paper, this sounded great, but as I put my fork into one and popped it in my mouth I was not a happy bunny. The prawn was so tough. Like literally it had been there all day. The dish in general felt overcooked. Prawns is always on my go-to list because if you are going to take on the task of having a king prawn, you expect respect to be paid to the meat. In this case, no. It was well done. The sauce itself I could have lapped up with some bread, but I wanted my meat as I had my veg (a side of sauteed baby spinach and garlic butter – yum).

The whole experience seemed a little so-so. The back room with the smell versus OK service. The awesome toppings on stale bread. The sexy gnocchi versus my tough as a mofo prawns. For these 50/50 goings on, it makes me inclined not to return. There are just too many awesome Italian restaurants in the capital to deal with a mediocre experience. So, on to the next one.

La Tagliata
11 Sandy’s Row
London E1 7HW


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