So when you go on a private car tour with a guide to check out the French riviera, you have to assume that they will show you some great places. We did just that and got to see some of the hottest spots along the sea. We bonded so well with our driver, that we ended up taking her up on two of her suggestions and bother were major ticked boxes. One was to take the train to Ventimiglia in Italy, only a 20 minute train journey from Monaco. The other suggestion was an option for lunch which was a riverside restaurant called La Blue Note.
La Blue Note was welcoming, with their very own Freddy Prince Jr lookalike working their. In fact, when we quizzed about it, he said that he had been pulled up on being his doppelganger on many occasion. The good looks didn’t end there, with an entire team of gorg guys serving the beachside terrace. Not only did the people look good, the place looked good to which I suppose is not hard to achieve with the sun beating down on it.
We headed straight towards this recommended place with hungry bellies. Samantha Vanilla decided to go for the risotto with truffle, a dish she had not once, but twice during out visit to Monaco. They seem to really enjoy having truffle on the menus around Monaco and they are certainly not stingy with the portions. Helen and I went for what seemed like a multi plate of different things. There was a type of Thai curry, a bruschetta with goats cheese and pine nuts, melon and some fresh fish.

The food was lovely with fantastic views across the sea and in the terrace with all the hunks working there. Certainly a place for the ladies and the staff were surprisingly down to earth. You form an opinion about what Monte Carlo and the people in it may be like. The reality is very far off that with the entire experience being warm and welcoming.

La Note Bleue
Plage de Larvotto
Avenue Princess Grace
Monte Carlo 98000

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July 26, 2017