Hop and Cleaver, Newcastle

Hop to it and be clever, with a visit to this wee place. You see what I did there with the play on words, lol. Next. So, not far from the quayside is this cute and interesting rustic pub come dining spot offering brash flavours and bold beers.

Their speciality is house smoked bbq meats and craft beer. They even brew their own small batch. The exposed walls, pipes and beams provides the perfect setting for a gut busting evening. This spot would fit quite nicely in East London with the hispters, but carves a unique niche right here in Newcastle amongst the pubs, bars and clubs.
We all want something a little different sometimes and Hop & Cleaver provides it. As you enter there is a small donong room which leads to a long bar flanked by a small outside terrace. To the rear is the bigger eating room with a sneaky alcove to the brewing tanks. It’s certainly an instragramable space. But it’s not all about looks here, their gutsy food is all about taste and portions. No flashy hipster presentation here, just ‘get in ma belly’ on a plate.

As it was the day after the hardcore night before, the thought of alcohol filled us with dread so it was a shame we didnt get a chance to try a brew or two. We did pig out on 8oz flat iron steak for me served with fries, salad and onion rings. For Sam it was a combination of mac and cheese with skin on fries, drenched with pulled pork, cheese, salsa and sour cream. This is not food to be messed with. You have to do it like you mean it which was not humanly possible for two ladies who felt like a member of the walking dead. What we did manage to eat was certainly lush though. We apologies for not doing this eating experience justice by polishing off the plate, but feel reassured that it was thumbs up all the way.

We know where to go and how to prep (no hangover, no earing for 6 hours before) to get it right next time.

We hereby promise you.

Hop & Cleaver
40 Sandhill
Newcastle upon Tyne


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