Homeslice, Shoreditch

Pizza is one of my things, I love it when it is good. I am not a Dominos or Pizza Hut type of gal because they taste awful with their dodgy tasting tomato sauce, congealed cheese, recently defrosted toppings and basically, the fakest damn pizza you will ever get. I guess if your tastebuds are not that refined, or it’s one of those drunkun ‘its the only thing that’s open’ late night jobbys, you may be able to overlook this.

Me, I cannot. What also aggrieves me is when you find that great place and the service let’s it down. Let’s start with the ones I like. George & Vulture pub in Hoxton, Pizza Pilgrim and Amici Miei, the latter being the one which truly upset me a couple of months ago. Deliveroo, do not show their deliveries love at the best of time, but put toppings on a pizza which are too soft and mushy, then what do you get? A pizza which has swayed aggressively on the back of a bike will all the toppings having landed squarely to the side of the box. Not a good look. When I raised this with Amici Miei, I got a rude guy trying to blame it on deliveroo. Instead of saying sorry, we will send you another one and then perhaps take up their complaint with Deliveroo. No instead it was finger pointing and rudeness to the person who is supposedly always right, the customer. Having raised the same complaint with Deliveroo, I got a sorry, we will refund and let the team know. Three sentences which appeased me with no delay or discussion.

Homeslice is a newish addition to Shoreditch with its minimalist design, one side sit in and the other takeaway counter. It is a non fussy spot with decent priced pizza and super dupa fast service. The pizza is big and good. You can do a full flow on one or shake things up with a 50% 50%. We went for a split of salami, rocket and parmesan on one side, with mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli on the other. One word, lush.

Super tasty and now it’s on Deliveroo, it may well pip Amici Miei to the post until I forget about their rudeness. Nice, thin, stretched and long. Not too mush sauce and just enough cheese. A decent amount of toppings too. All in all, they give good pizza. As you would expect in Shoreditch, the service is quite chilled and informal.

I loved it, I will be back.

374 Old Street
London EC1V 9LT


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