Greenwood, Victoria

Greenwood is in the new Nova development in Victoria. Located in a hub of foodie focussed outlets from the likes of D&D, Jason Atherton and Ricker Restaurants. It’s a big bold space with a focus on booze, sports and men. It’s not rowdy, it just comes across as being very masculine. Bold, dark wood and colours kit out the two floors. On the ground is the bar/restaurant with Security firmly present in the evenings. (P.S none of the other venues in the area have this). TV screens showing sport, large selections of beer and meaty grub such as steaks and burgers is what you get. Go upstairs and there is a gaming room of sorts with various bits and bobs to participate in.

We popped by for lunch. The service was welcoming and our spot by the window was good for people watching. In a place which reminded me of a steak house (decor is similar to Aberdeen Steak the tourist haven around Leicester Square) it made sense that I go for a bit of meat. My dining companion being a vegetarian went for a margarita pizza. Chargrilled sirloin steak at £19 with some chips and bearnaise sauce. Whilst the steak was a decent portion at 220g, it was not the tastiest. Really felt like it was missing out on some basic seasoning, just a bit bland. The pizza however was a good shout. My pal was impressed, good amount of cheese and tomato and some fresh basil leaves.

I get why groups congregate here in the evening. Its more geared for the herds, mainly guys, than duos or smaller groups. If you want quiet and slightly classier then Stoke House or Vagabonds is your spot. If you want a busy vibe with sports and full on testosterone, then Greenwood it is.

170 Victoria Street


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