Gokyuzu & Kervan, Wood Green – No-nonsense Turkish dining

I wrote about a recent stylish contemporary Turkish dining experience at Le Ziz, which was enjoyed a great deal. So I thought I would give you the opposite experience, a no-nonsense speedy lunch in between a shopping extravaganza.

Wood Green for me is the place to shop. I know it doesn’t screen destination anything if you don’t live North, but for me and my clothes shopping, it works. It has H&M, Oasis, Dorothy Perkins, Primark etc and you can take your time shopping without herds of folk getting in your way. As a bonus, the changing rooms are like ghost towns, so you can normally take your time, do a fashion show and make the right buys.

With loads of bags in hand, we wanted what was close and easy. Right at the corner of the small shopping centre there is a Turkish, Gokyuzu & Kervan, cafe serving what we have come to know as kebab shop fair but in a seated setting. The long food bar had rows of seasoned meat on skewers ready to grill. The doner kebab twirled on the rotisserie. The interior was simple and practical. It was very much geared to in – out.


We started with complimentary bread, cacik (yoghurt with garlic and cucumber) and salad. As we are huge fans of Kisir (bulgur, parsley, tomato, onion, garlic), we also opted for this too. For main, we both went for shish. I had lamb, Valentina had chicken. They came with rice , grilled onion and a hefty fresh salad. . It’s quite a clean way of eating with the food mostly grilled, not fried.

Gokyuzu & Kervan is not a revelation when it comes to food, but for convenience and cost effectiveness, it’s a great stop when in Wood Green. It was less than £20 including drinks.

Gokyuzu & Kervan
183 High Road
Wood Green
N22 6BA
T. 020 8888 1422
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