Giotto, Bloomsbury – An Italian for tourists

There were two reasons why we found ourselves at Giotto recently. No 1, because we had organised a reunion dinner and it was most central for us all and No 2, it was on tastecard so there was a deal to be had.

Giotto is a cute looking Italian restaurant in an area which has its fair share of tourists. Being a stones’ throw away from the British Museum, the delights of the theatre district and door to door guest houses/hotels, it is a destination base for a lot of travellers, albeit a bit more family orientated and grown up.

This was clear in the restaurant. It was devoid of locals, cool cats and young folk in general, just groups of older tourist types. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The team are old school Italian men who are flamboyant in their service style. The service is informal and hinges on you knowing what you want as they don’t really guide you. For 50% off the food what more would you want.


Two of us were brave enough to have starters. We both opted for the king prawns in a garlic and light tomato sauce. There was a lot of dill in it, which for me, did not work – sorry. When I think of dill, I think of salmon. With garlic prawns dishes like this, i have always enjoyed fresh parsley. Maybe this is a thing and I didn’t know about but whilst it did not completely spoil my dish, it didn’t not make it great either.

For main courses, one of our companions who had already stuffed her face at home went for mini bruschetta. A light starter. Martin, ordered steak, which first arrived in the form of Salmon, yep, a little bit of a mix-up there. Do they sound similar, maybe they do? Anyway it was quickly rectified. It was a good portion of steak smothered with peppercorn size, a side of potatoes, broccoli and carrots. Martin was indifferent to its taste. No wow, but no “it’s cack” either.


There were two pizza orders, one with parma ham and rocket, another with pepperoni, ham and chilli. I had my good ole favourite, chicken. So, there were two things about this that made it mediocre, the chicken was so fatty. It’s chicken for god’s sake so this should not be the case. Cheap cut anyone? The cream was also a wee bit congealed, I would say they had this over the heat a little too long. I was hungry, so I wolfed down what was edible. They had a live pianist if anyone is in to that.

This is not what Italians would call a fantastic Italian. This is not what I would call an Italian. The food was just passable items to serve to a crowd who will not be back because they don’t live here. It’s not geared towards establishing loyalty and repeat custom. Whilst the service was good, there was not much more that would warrant us retuning.

It’s an okay place if you are in the area and have limited options or want to save a penny or two.

52 – 54 New Oxford Street


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