Get some cocktail Love at the Lizard Lounge

Valentines is almost upon us again. Let’s do away with tradition and create a refreshed form of celebration. You can do the romantic thing with your partner or you can actually have fun. I am not saying romance is not fun, but it can be quite stressful (and expensive) planning the perfect evening. All that stress, planning and expenditure for one day of love. Everyday should be filled with love. Why not make it about doing something fun. My last post about Valentines had some alternative suggestions, this time it’s all about great cocktails. The lovely Nick at Lizard Lounge has created some classic love infused cocktails just for you. Now ain’t that romantic.

Head on down (or up) to Lizard Lounge in East London to enjoy three heart thumping cocktails and yes, you have to try all three.

The central line (now 24 hours) can drop you firmly at this wicked bar which gives London hispter bars a run for their money. You don’t need to be in central London to count, just a great team, tasty cocktails and a good soundtrack to enjoy them too. Lizard Lounge ticks all of these boxes. Get in there, for Valentines and beyond. Below are the cocktails with a wee description from our fave drinkster Nick.

Tequila Sunrisetequilatastic with a cheeky injection of pomegranate, mandarin and salted caramel
One of the first mainstream cocktails, no drink has come under more scrutiny than the Tequila Sunrise, wonderfully simple but willfully boring. My aim here is to bring this classic drink, with all the flavour that people loved into the 21st century. To add complexity we use ginseng and a homemade puree. The Birds eye chilli, are subtly spicy and whilst not so strong it ruins your date.

Love at first bita rumfest hickey to wear with pride
This drink may look like it comes from a TGI Friday’s but it sure doesn’t taste like it. Never be scared of fruit and not every drink has to be incredibly strong. I try never to take myself too seriously and this drink is for everyone that has a great night ahead of them and doesn’t want to be going home after the first round.

Southern FlipBringing Caribbean romance to the East end
No Valentines date would be complete without sharing a martini, technically a flip (I love flips) this combination of rum, espresso and ruby port work with each other perfectly.

Lizard Lounge
186 – 188 George Lane
E18 1AY


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