GBK, Greenwich

Burgers in Greenwich, who would have thought. I always thought of Greenwich a bit high brow with independent cafes, bistros and gastro pubs. Was not expecting chains to make an appearance. But this is the right kind of chain because it truly gourmet. If gourmet means succulent meat, tasty toppings and delicate buns, its a tick from me.

Lets takes it from the beginning. Interesting set up here. You note your table number, place your order at the bar and await its arrival. I don’t recall this ever being the case in GBK. Maybe it is new or a specific addition to this busy area with a mix of locals, students and visitors. The menu itself is small, concentrating on a selection of ideas for your burger enjoyment. One page gives you everything you want which makes for easy ordering.
We went for two burgers with a kick, the ‘Bourbon Street’ with mustard grilled beef, jalapenos, mature cheddar, bourbon glazed mushrooms, sriracha mayo and salad. I had prime beef with onion jam, cajun relish, house mayo, dripping with blue cheese. We also had a side of onion rings and coleslaw, with some gorgeous sweet potato chips. All of the food was great and it is a welcome addition to my list of favourite burger places, in spite of it being a chain.
The service was erratic to start with, rushing around to clear tables for what was clearly a busy lunch, but our lady was funny and real. Literally spoke to us like we were pals and I like that style of service. Comfortable, not forced, friendly. Great location next to the river Thames, beautiful museums, markets and a great big park! Definitely worth a commute down there from wherever you are.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
45 Greenwich Church Street
London SE10 9BL


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