Frame, Kings Cross – a picture of perfection

With the silly season officially upon us, I think I speak for many that the impending expansion of my waist line has me upping the old exercise regime! Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity when asked to come and check out the newest addition to the Frame empire in Kings Cross. I am ashamed to say that after having worked only minutes from the Shoreditch branch I had not got my lazy butt down there to try it out. I had heard great things about what was going on down there from friends and colleagues, so it’s no surprise they have grown the business with talks of a 4th site coming up in spring 2016 – London better look out!

The Kings Cross site is approximately 8 min walk from the tube station and from the outside it oozes cool with loads of colour from the unmistakably Frame logo. Upon entering the café-come-reception-come-locker-room, although compact, is very spacious and even has a small retail area for sporting attire, cook books and a nice spot for Framers (as clientelle are happily named) to relax and socialize before and after a workout.

They have a total of 3 studios for their long list of classes offered daily. I opted for the Barre class myself, a personal favourite of mine having frequented a similar one back in the homeland many moons ago. That’s not to say I am any expert as I am well out of practice as I was soon to discover, plus as any Aussie will tell you, once you make the move to London the need for exercise and a general healthy lifestyle routine is quickly replaced by pints of beer and late nights at the pub!


Now for those of you not familiar with Barre, it is a hybrid of Pilates and Ballet (expect some pirouettes to bring out the ballerina in anyone!) with use of the bar and some mat work to really get down and dirty on that core. The class runs for an hour and our trainer is the lovely Charlotte who I thank profusely for not making fun of my clumsy ballet moves; truth be told I probably resemble something more like Dumbo at the circus than Swan Lake! It’s a non-stop intensive workout that will have you panting, but one must persevere if one is to tone one’s frame! Expect to lengthen your body and work on that posture, great for those who work in an office space as you really will feel the difference after a few classes.


All in all, the class is a hell of a lot of fun and you are made to feel welcome. Also, it really doesn’t matter what level you are at as it’s all about doing what best works for your body. The best part about Frame is the staff by far, friendly and helpful and the instructions throughout your workout are clear so you’re not left wondering why your facing the back of the room and no one else is (has happened several times in the past!). Frame offers lots of different options for memberships and there is the option to do drop in classes if you just want to try it out, although you will be back for a membership though I can guarantee it!

They have an intinerary of events on weekly such as ‘Fuel your day with Frame and Caravan’ this includes a class as well as a talk from Miles Kirby the co-founder and Head Chef of Caravan. This covers the benefits of coffee when drunk before exercising (who knew!) and you get to morning tea to boot. Check out the website for more details. There’s also some very cool eating places around the area for you to go debrief with the girls after your work out as well, so I urge you to check it out for yourself and get to work on that Frame!

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