Flat Iron, Soho – beware of imitations, these folk are the original and best

So the key here is simplicity. Do very little, but do it very well. An impactful menu of a staple meat with various sides is exactly what you want when you want an injection of meat, without having to mull over the cuts, the sauces, etc ,etc. Order your meat which comes with a salad, top up with some carbs of fries if you should so desire and then experiment with the sides. 

There is not much you can write about Flat Iron as its pretty straightforward. With our steak, served medium rare, we had a side of chips, gorgeous creamed spinach and sex on plate that is their aubergine bake with cheese and tomato. Yum. The service is quick and it’s really well priced; you are in and out in an hour on occasion. I love it. It is fast food on a luxury tip.

I have been to the one in Shoreditch, but was so hungry that I forgot to take pics. To be fair, on this occasion when I visited the Soho branch, I think I failed miserable again on getting some decent shots. How can I help it, my focus was on devouring this dreamboat as opposed to cueing up the perfect picture. Please forgive me. It may also have something to do with the fact that their Old Fashioneds are dreamy creamy, so I downed a couple of them.

To keep this short and sweet, it ticks every box. Reasonable priced steak, tick. Lush sides, tick. Fab service, tick. Another brand, who we will not name, has popped up outside of London following the Flat Iron format to the letter. They say that flattery is a form of a compliment, but on this occasion, I would have to say it is just laziness to create ones own identity. Anyway, the hardcore Flat Iron crew will quite frankly give that imitator a miss if we are every up North while we wait for Flat Iron to expand outside the M25.

Flat Iron
9 Denmark Street


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