Fish, Borough Market

I love seafood and the food looked great on their website, so I held on believing that the food would be the saving grace or at least the service would improve. Plus points on both fronts, the food was amazing and a blonde mature waitress who took over looking after out table really picked up the tempo on service.
Let’s start with the food. Wow, the food. It was so good, I wish I could go back and start again from when the first dish was placed on our table. My visit was about seafood indulgence, so scrimping on can be ordered, it was full speed ahead. With a refreshing dry Gavi di Gavi to hand, we studied the menu for our order. Slight hiccup with our first order not being available (only after they went away to come back). Would be a good idea to know your 86 items, especially as we were on of the first tables to arrive. It was better service from there. Smiling, warm and sweet service.
We finally settled on bruschetta and white bait. The bruschetta was truly something had not seen before. Red tomatoes that looked like they had been photo-shopped to look so vibrant and perfect. As my guest was Italian, she was certainly impressed too. As it was her selection, I could not wait for her to share her thoughts. She was delighted with the taste, mentioning that it actually tasted of ripe tomatoes. Now you would question why a tomato would not taste of tomato, but the thing is, most don’t. They taste of nothing in fact. I imagine because of importing from hot countries, it is hard to maintain its originating succulence, and they may well be treated with all sorts of alien sprays to keep it at least fresh. Anyway, that is my inexperienced thoughts on it, but here, today, the tomatoes where lush on this crunchy sour dough bread. My whitebait was lightly floured and delicate.
For main course and with another Gavi di Gavi for me, we went for squid with chorizo and a whole lobster. Yes, I took it to the bridge and went for luxury. I do love lobster, regardless of the messiness with prying the meat out the tail etc. It is totally worth the fishy fingers. For her squid (tender) and chorizo (bursting with flavour), there was also more of our favourite tomato and sour dough bread. No problems with more of the same, as it was just plain lush.
My lobster had the perfect amount of garlic butter to no doubt warrant a mint after. The white meat, oh how I have dreamt of it nights to follow. Gorgeous. We even attempted to have dessert which was probably wishful thinking in terms of what our tummies could take. Valentina had three scoops of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and pistachio), I went for a salted caramel monster of a dessert with ice cream, crunchy bits and fresh cream. Wow, count those calories.
Fish is the Fish place to go. Even with the service hiccups, the kitchen raised the bar and recovered the operational mishaps. Yes, I will go back and yes, I hope the service will be more consistent.
Borough Market
Cathedral Street
London SE1 9AL
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@fishboroughmarket (insta)


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